KoloPark Spodnja Šiška is asphalt pump track with 22 waves and 7 berms, first of its kind in Ljubljana. It’s suitable for all ages/levels and for bicycles (mountain or BMX), skates, rollerblades and kick scooters. Track is easy and safe to use, you just have to follow the rules & instructions that are indicated on the sign next to the track and also in the gallery on this page.

You should ride your bicycle on it without pedaling! You only pedal once or twice when you enter the track, then you move your body to maintain and keep speed.

Pump track is located next to Celovška street (Celovška cesta) in Ljubljana, right next to Tivoli park and sports bar Lepa žoga. Park is equipped with benches, there are more of them in the bar. Park also has parking stands for bicycles and bicycle repair stand with all basic tools and floor pump. You can park your car on the big parking lot in Tivoli, just meters away.

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Zavarovalnica Triglav, d.d.