About Rajd

We came from different backgrounds & parts of Ljubljana and even Slovenia, but were all hanging, riding & thinking in the same place – on the 15 years old, decayed BMX track on Linhartova road. One day in 2005 we got a big idea how to save and renovate the track and very soon Cycling club Rajd was born. We started with the work and it was not long before we got the bad news that the land underneath the track might go to private hands. Fortunately that didn’t happened and property stayed in the ownership of City of Ljubljana and we got a green light to go ahead with the works on track. First stage of modernization was quickly finished and riders embraced the track with both hands. It doesn’t go only up from that point on, due to the construction of underground installations the whole track was destroyed, but it again rose from the ashes, and like a phoenix it is now better in every possible way.

Cycling club Rajd quickly grown outside boundaries of the BMX track. We created a racing team with less then ten riders and raced downhill and 4-cross; today we have over 40 licensed riders on our team and we race in all disciplines of mountain biking and BMX.

Events on BMX track grown and got bigger, and soon we’re ready to export our experiences and knowledge to other parts of Slovenia. We organized several downhill, cross-country, 4-cross and BMX events, including national cup races and national championships. We’re also an important part of the team that organized series of European Championships in Kranjska Gora.

We didn’t stop there and in 2009 we created international racing team with the license of UCI – Union Cycliste Internationale. One season later we introduced first Slovenian UCI mountain bike team – Unior Tools Team. This professional team is still a big player in the World Cup scene and has multiple titles under its belt and great international rooster of riders.

We’re racing, organizing and building, but we never forget why we are doing all of this – because we like to ride bikes and we enjoy nature. We like to socialize with other riders and this lead to group rides that we do on the weekly basics in the summer season. We still invest a lot of time & effort into the BMX track, now BMX Park Ljubljana, where our story began more than a decade ago. Track is now better than ever before and ready for serious riding. Meanwhile we also got a great opportunity to build mountain bike park; it’s located on the city outskirts and growing every year. We also created cycling school for young riders – again with the help of Ljublajan – that might turned out to be the most important project on the long run.

We’re keeping our selves busy with racing, event organization, teaching, managing the professional MTB team, advocacy and other projects. But we still strive to ride great singletrails and luckily there are all around us.

Join us!

Zavarovalnica Triglav, d.d.