Bike Camps

Best way to improve your riding skills and have good time with other riders! We’ll organize several bike camps during the cycling season, on different locations and with a right camp for everybody. We’ve years of experiences in the organization of bike camps behind us, and we add something new every year.

Mountain bike camps will take place in Ljubljana in Bike Park Ljubljana (link) and in mountain bike park on Krvavec (ski & bike resort north of Ljubljana, link). BMX camps will take place on the new BMX track close to the center of Ljubljana (link). Riders joining our programs have very positive experiences from our camps, many join us every year and some even grab the racing side of the sport and join our training programs and go racing. Almost all of them take cycling as a lifestyle.

All of our MTB & cycling instructors are skilled and have a title of Cycling teacher I. or II., or even higher education. They all speak English, some are also skilled in other languages. With their help you will improve on your riding skills, learn new elements and riding technics and also learn basics about bike maintenance, how to get ready for a ride, etc. Stress is on good company and fun of all riders in the camp!

Rajd’s bike camps are like holidays, only better!

Info & registration:

Povezave: en/bmx-park-ljubljana/

Zavarovalnica Triglav, d.d.